Nai Nai
奶 奶

SJSU Animation/Illustration Program BFA Thesis 

Below is the trailer only for our BFA Thesis Short film,
the full movie will be available for streaming after the film festival circuit.

Animation contribution for Nai Nai 奶奶

Propel Love (Individual Short Film)

Untitled Children's book (WIP)

At this stage, I sketched out some thumbnails on paper. I scribbled based on my rough script and found interesting compositions. 


And I picked out thumbnails that might work for the final compositions, and did a color pass for the selections. Some thumbnails include a "text" box because I was envisioning the text to be at certain position in the comp. However, everything at this stage still not set in stone. 

Color_Rough draft.jpg
Color_Rough draft_02.jpg

Next, I started to work on Final look of the spreads. At this stage of production, I have learned that making a children book does not have to be a linear-production process; I can work on the pages that I think is set in stone and does not have lots of changes. 

As shown below, they are some finished pieces for the book. More to come~

Page18 copy.jpg
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